Hamilton County Fish & Game - News Feed http://www.hcfg.org/default.asp Hamilton County Fish & Game Official Website - Club News & Information, Events Calendar, Membership Information, Useful Links en-us Purple Pages http://www.hcfg.org/images/hcfg-logo.jpg http://www.hcfg.org/default.asp Mowing http://www.hcfg.org/news.asp?a=view&id=147 We still have several weeks of mowing remaining for the year and many weeks are open and available. If you haven't yet completed your mowing detail, please pick a week and send an email to mowing@hcfg.org and we'll get you on the calendar. 2018 Membership Cards http://www.hcfg.org/news.asp?a=view&id=142 New membership cards will be available for those that have paid AND replied to renewal email with any updates or confirmation that info is still current. Please contact Randy (rbolinger@hcfg.org) with any questions or issues. IDLE SPEED (5mph) ON THE DRIVEWAY PLEASE http://www.hcfg.org/news.asp?a=view&id=19 Just a reminder to keep it at 1st gear idle speed (5mph). We share the drive with neighbors who have small dogs, large dogs and grandkids so make sure to take your time. Thanks.